Laurel Hikes the Appalachian Trail for SCAR: 4/7/18

Save the Date!  April 7th, 2018: Our friend Laurel Haflin-Schuler is hiking the Appalachian Trail to raise funds for SCAR...please support this incredible endeavor by joining us at The Gate on April 7th for $5 pints, all proceeds benefit SCAR and we will send Laurel off with a great celebration!
Laurel says:
"On April 29th, I will be heading to Georgia to start an adventure of a lifetime. I will be hiking approximately 2,200 miles on the Appalachian Trail. The trail runs from Georgia to Maine, crossing 14 states, and has an elevation change that is equivalent to climbing the 29,035 foot Mount Everest 16 times! I have decided to use this crazy adventure as a way to do some good within my community. I am raising money for a local organization that is very dear to my heart – Sean Casey Animal Rescue" If you'd like to learn more about Laurel's adventure and fundraising goal please visit her Facebook page:…/
All of us at SCAR are honored and very excited to be a part of this...thank you Laurel! And thank you to the folks at The Gate for hosting this special event!