Before you adopt

Every adoption experience is different.  At Sean Casey Animal Rescue, we try to make the transition as smooth as possible for you and your potential SCAR Grad.  

Owning a pet is a lifelong commitment.  Make sure you are completely ready before you adopt.  Consider your lifestyle, your new pet should be compatible with your everyday life and  your willingness to adapt.  Do some research online so that you are familiar with the demands of owning a pet. For example, say you are interested in adopting an active breed, you should have an idea of how you will exercise them on a regular basis.  


Ask yourself the following questions before you adopt:

  1. What kind of pet do I want?

  2. Am I prepared financially for a pet?

  3. Does my Landlord allow pets?

  4. Do I have enough space for a pet?

  5. How much time do I have to dedicate to a pet?

  6. Are all the people/pet(s) in my household ready for a new pet?

  7. Does anyone in my household have allergies?

Still not convinced?

Here are some great reasons to adopt!

  1. You’ll save two
    By adopting from SCAR you’ll help save the lives of two animals—the pet you adopt and a homeless animal that you’ve opened up a crate for.

  2. You’ll know what you’re getting
    We provide complete medical care and screen animals for specific temperaments and behaviors and match them to specific adopters to make sure each family finds the right pet for their lifestyle.

  3. You’ll save money
    The entire adoption fee at SCAR is less expensive than buying a pet. We spay/neuter, vaccinate, microchip and provide all other necessary veterinary care up until adoption. You will receive all available medical records when you adopt. This makes adoption a real bargain.

  4. You’ll help raise awareness
    Help us teach your family, friends,  and neighbors about the high levels of euthanasia in shelters and how they can make a difference.  Just tell them your story and what you learn from us.

  5. A pet is good for your health
    Not only do animals give you unconditional love, but they have been shown to be psychologically, emotionally, and physically beneficial. Dog walking, pet grooming, and even petting provide increased physical activity that can help strengthen the heart, improve circulation, and slow the loss of bone tissue. Caring for a companion pet can provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment and lessen feelings of loneliness and isolation in all age groups.

  6. You won’t be supporting puppy mills and pet stores
    Puppy mills are “factory style” dog-breeding facilities that put profit above the welfare of dogs. Most dogs raised in puppy mills are housed in shockingly poor conditions with improper medical care, and the parents of the puppies are kept in cages to be bred over and over for years, without human companionship and with little hope of ever joining a family. And after they’re no longer profitable, breeding dogs are simply discarded—either killed, abandoned or sold at auction.

    Ready to Adopt?